more-function 波兰You can draw on the walls at this coffee shop - 酒店餐饮 - ACS创意空间
波兰You can draw on the walls at this coffee shop
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The interior designers at 28 Form, have completed the design of a café in Wroclaw, Poland, designed specifically with parents and children in mind.

The first floor of the café includes a contained play space for babies, that has little windows for the children to see out of.

Mid-century modern furniture like the Eames Armchair Rocker are featured through-out the space.

A variety of lampshade shapes add to the playfulness of the space.

The lights have been hung at various heights to create visual interest.

The stairs to the second floor have one of the walls coated in chalkboard paint, which allows the children to draw on it.

Upstairs the space is bright and airy, receiving lots of natural light from large windows on one side.

To create a whimsical space for the children, they have included cloud-like shapes around the space.

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