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Paul de Ruiter Architects, together with i29 interior architects, have designed Villa V, a home for a family in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands.

Park Brederode in the Dutch city Bloemendaal is part of the protected North Holland dune landscape and is a unique living location. At the heart of this beautiful landscape, Paul de Ruiter Architects has designed a sustainable villa provided with every luxury and comfort. From the very start it was clear that the landscape around the villa should be preserved as much as possible. A ment was created for the house and the ground floor is semi-positioned in the slope of the hill.

The large glass facades ensure a connection between outdoors and indoors; contact with nature is tangible throughout the house. At the same time, the patio in the heart of the villa provides maximum daylight in all the rooms. The interior is designed by i29. All the interior elements, including the walls, the cupboards in the children’s rooms and the fireplace, are made of veneered plywood.

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