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  • 发布于 2年前
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  • DanandHila

Two level house, ground floor and ment.

The building’s concept is an integration with the natural landscape in the area and in the plot, while creating a dramatic entrance façade that is still restrained and mysterious toward the street. Instead of highlighting the large and regular windows, and the doors, the idea was to hint at the building by creating two concrete beams with a line of trees between them.  Between these stands a columns arcade which lead to the entrance hall, with an ornamental pool on both sides of the path. The entrance to the building, through a patio as a fruit tree orchard, constitutes a pause before entering the house and creates a work for the building, built of s of walls and partitions.

The back façade, and in fact the planning of the back part of the plot, constitutes the opposite of the hinting at the entrance façade. The building entirely opens to the L-shaped plot and the swimming pool constitutes an anchor which connects the surrounding building’s wings.

Here the house is characterized by maximal openness, of wide and large openings which surround the swimming pool and the plot. In order to provide natural and comfortable shading, built pergolas and coupling beams were designed as an integral part of the building. These flow with the structure and define the landscape as segments of photographs.

An entire wing is designed for entertaining, with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room and a shading area accordingly.

The interior planning is characterized by a correlation between sight lines and walking paths, which achieved a sense of additional openness and light.

The kitchen includes another exit to a wide morning garden with two old olive trees. This garden is delineated by a massive concrete beam which delineates the space.

The entire structure was planned according to green thought, meaning the correct natural shading for all of the building’s spaces, and the pergolas and different shadings were planned according to the required angles.

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